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Tuesday, February 22, 2005



Integrity? Nah... Really, I think most people think of it as a victimless crime. And since so many people coast through school anyway, I don't think they are going to object to a little push.


Even if that were accurate, I would think that some level of integrity would kick in to some degree. And while employers may not have been checking educational references in the past, I'm guessing some might be a little more concerned about it now.


I think that your friends' reactions aren't hard to understand. For a test, ask how many of them would put phony work experience on their resumés. I'll bet most wouldn't. This is because they expect employers to check out their work experience, but most employers won't look at their academic transcripts. On the other hand, you are considering working in academia. You do expect employers to look at your transcripts. If it ever got out that you took a grade that you didn't earn, your career would be toast.

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